On starting over and new beginnings and a little bit about me

What exactly does a new beginning entail? Is it starting something entirely new, or can it be approaching something old but with a new mindset? I am a firm believer that it can be both, especially since I feel the latter example applies to a situation that I am currently in. To give you all a bit of background, I moved city a year ago, the move brought with it new opportunities and chance for my husband and I to both follow the dreams we have, while providing a good life for the little one. Fast forward one year, even though I have taken steps to reaching my goal I find that I probably didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities presented, this could be from the fact that I missed home and felt nostalgic for my “old” life, so like any fearful individual I went home for the summer. The return home was needed. I found that even though I was surrounded by familiar faces that I had grown up with, I found that it felt safe, there were no new opportunities and very few opportunities to move forward. This reignited a sense of excitement, a look at the bigger picture, this move maybe temporary but if I take advantage of it I can make changes that could impact the rest of my life and my families.

So whats my plan about starting over? I should probably figure that out before I jump in right? So as of September I’m reenrolled into University with the hopes of completing an Honours degree so that I can apply to medicine the following year. So getting into med school requires more than a stellar GPA, you need a stellar MCAT in addition to glowing references. Now how do you go about getting glowing references in a new city, you seize every opportunity you can to make yourself stand out, this leaves a lot of room for rejection though (see previous post). So we have fixed up the old resume and applied to every single lab under the sun (at least within driving distance) and joined lot’s of student programs and we shall go from there. Hopefully more opportunities will come up as the school year starts, until then I’ll keep you all posted.

Finally, the most important thing about starting over this time around is mind set, Steve Covey wrote in his book about the seven habit of highly effective people, that we can have a paradigm shift in our thinking, which is to look at a situation from a different perspective. Instead of seeing this scenario as being away from home and missing my family and friends, I can see it as a chance to build on dreams I never could have had I stayed home. This idea of a Paradigm shift I find can be the key to the success of many, because it allows to become more accepting of change. Let’s be honest none of us got anywhere by staying the same.

And on a final note, although the month is almost over, let’s try and challenge myself for August. If you know me, you would know I am no chef. Most of the meals I make are prepped in under half an hour (it can be attributed to being busy, but honestly I just like to avoid the kitchen at all costs). So heres to a new challenge, from now till the end of September I will be cooking 6 meals a week (barring any possible vacations or day trips) and I will be trying atlas 1 new recipe a week. This idea is scaring me but hey who got ahead by staying the same (sound familiar :P).

So heres to a new start!!

Keep smiling





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