So that didn’t go quite as planned…

Have you ever had those weekends where you set up and plan to get a million things done, but then end up lazing around and basically not do anything…GUILTY over here. I started off my weekend with the best of intentions, get some work done, clean up the house, get some of the cooking done for the week and then Saturday rolls around. I wake up later than my usual time, feeling slightly off and go on to spend the rest of the day moving at the slowest pace. Now its not to say I didn’t get anything done, I did go into work and finish the project I needed and I did get some cooking done (just not all) and the house was give the quick once over. The remainder of the day was spent at the park soaking in the last few warm days before the cold sets in, watching movies with the little guy and dinner out of a box!! Safe to say we had a great time.

Now an unproductive weekend here and there aren’t terrible because I do believe its important to unwind, but how do we prevent that from impacting our entire week. For me it comes with having a schedule. I make it a point to wake up early on weekdays regardless of what time I have to be in school or work, this allows me to get some time to myself, gather my thoughts and even work on a few things before everyone wakes up. I also make it a point to avoid social media while at school or at work, I find that though they are entertaining, they can also serve as a massive time vacuum. I mean think about it this way instead of checking your Facebook once every hour, why not check it twice a day, it’s highly unlikely you would miss anything important and it helps you stay focussed on the tasks you have at hand.

The final, and in my opinion the most important, don’t beat yourself up about the work that didn’t get done. It’s not the greatest feeling to leave stuff uncompleted but being hard on yourself won’t get it done either. A friend of mine told me, focus on what you are doing at the time and enjoy it, no point stressing about the other stuff you think you should be doing…it won’t get them done and you need up not enjoying the moment you are in.

So heres hoping for a productive week!

Keep smiling




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