September Update

The weather getting colder and Halloween decorations making a comeback can only mark the closing of the month of September..If you remember I posted a few weeks ago about setting a goal to cook meals for my family 6 days a week, and barring one weekend we went to the States I managed to stay on track. Now I know I am terrible documenting my progress, but its safe to say I learned a lot.

This experience allowed me to try new recipes outside my usual cooking niche, it forced me to expand my horizons from the 5 recipes that I already knew how to do. Now I’m not saying that I am going to be the next Wolfgang Puck (since some of the dishes failed miserably) but I definitely have a better understanding of how certain foods and flavours work together.

Another aspect I enjoyed was getting the little one involved, baking became a Sunday night ritual, and the best part is we could enjoy our work throughout the week. Since my son is almost 3 a lot of his role was putting pre-measured ingredients into the bowl, helping me mix and of course taste-testing. He also learned how to identify different types of food and again enjoyed trying things he had never tried before simply because he had a hand in making it.

All in all I really enjoyed doing this, and I plan to keep up as much of it as I can (if not 6 meals then maybe 5 :P). But I definitely want to keep up the Sunday baking tradition because its something we both look forward to and enjoy.

So now onto October, it no secret that healthy mindset can only stem from a healthy body. How do we attain or maintain a healthy body? We eat right and exercise of course. Now currently I like to do a daily 10 minute HIIT or pilates workout, but for October I think its time I step up my game a little, the goal for October is to get to the gym 3 days a week and work out for 40 minutes. For me getting to the gym in and of itself can be challenging, but hopefully setting my mind to it will make it easier, so I’ll try and keep you posted on how that goes.

Other than that, another big part of October is that fact that midterms will be starting, but after that we will be one month closer to Christmas…right?? I’ve added some pictures of the shenanigans my family and I have been up to this past month including an updated outfit for the cooler weather (can we all say layers). Hope that gives you more of a peak into my own life

Keep Smiling,





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