You’re a bad ass!!

Now I am new to the whole self-help book genre, I picked up my first one last year after a recommendation from a friend. Safe to say these books have served as an eye opener for me…I felt like I had been asleep and just woke up and realized that I had spent my whole life fearing my own potential. My latest read comes from the author Jen Sincero “You’re a bad ass”. This book has had mixed reviews but to be honest… I loved it.

Sincero takes a whole new approach to self-help that I haven’t come across in the previous books I have read. Her approach is light-hearted, funny, but still conveys a strong message to love yourself. Now non of her ideas are ground-breaking, and she admits that by citing all the references she used, but she presents them in a way that is relatable and very enjoyable to read. I found myself cracking up on more than one occasion  while reading. I also love to read first thing in the morning, and this book never failed to put a smile on my face while lighting a fire in me to “Go get em!!”

One of the major themes in the book was the law of attraction, but what I appreciated about Sincero’s approach to this idea is that if you want something you need to put your mindset inline so that you can achieve it. She pushes a lot of similar ideas such as affirmations, visualizations and meditation… but she also admits you need to do the work get connected with the people that can help you, alter your surroundings to match the goal you want to reach.

All in all this book was a big winner to me, I love how it dod not take the approach of self-help too seriously. After finishing it I feel like I have walked away with some solid tips and techniques to implement into my own life, but i definitely wouldn’t shy away from opening the book again.

Why not give it a read and see what you take from it,

Keep smiling,


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