What’s in my Bag!!

Today’s post is inspired by the lovely Rimsha and her blog auburn rhyme, https://auburnrhyme.com. She posted last week about what she carries in her day to day bag for school, and it had me inspired to do the same. Now what everyone carries around with them daily varies, but I think its interesting know and at the same time may inspire us to carry around something new.. so here goes, just a heads up this is a very picture heavy post

Safe to say I carry around a lot of stuff on the daily


The Bag I have is a Kensington tote I bought off of Amazon a month or so ago, I have to say I love all the compartments because it lets me fit a lot of things in and I love the way it looks. The leather is very nice but does scratch easily, so that is something to bear in mind, but at the same time I do use this bag regularly and its holding up very well.

First two items I need to keep everything straight in my buzzing mind, and thats my agenda with a break down of everything I have that day and this mini notebook which I make more customized day-to-day lists. The agenda helps me keep everything organized on the larger scale, what I need to get done throughout the week. The notebook is good for daily tasks that come up unexpectedly but need to be handled, I can do a separate planning post on a later date. To be honest I only started using this method January of this year, but I haven’t looked back since.


The next item is my laptop, I have a macbook pro and I absolutely love it. It holds my school notes, study notes, assignments and I have even been able to download study materials on it that help me review even during down time. wp_20160929_16_51_51_pro

Theres always the extras that I carry around with me such as my glasses, gum (a must) and a roll on (inspired by Rimsha). Not pictured here is the snacks I usually carry around with me because I had eaten them already (oops). But these are usually the little things that help get me through the day to day. WP_20160929_16_51_09_Pro.jpg

Then there is always the different study materials, I lucked out and most of my courses just post notes online so I don’t have a lot of textbooks to carry around. But I usually will have an MCAT book with me as I incorporate MCAT practice during my study sessions at school. Also, flashcards are a big winner for me, they help me to review on the go. But usually nothing beats the old fashioned pen and paper, if I’m really struggling with a concept it really helps to draw or write it out.

That pretty much sums up everything I carry with me, this may vary on some occasion but I’ve covered the basics. Is there anything special you guys need to carry around with you, whats the one item you can’t leave home without??

Keep smiling,



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