On that little voice inside your head

You are finally in a good place, You have made a commitment, you wake up early every day, you have changed your habits and you are on your way to making your dreams a reality…but then out of no where you hear it… it starts out small at first, barely noticeable, but slowly it gets louder and louder till it paralyzes you!!! Okay so that might have been a tad dramatic, but lets be honest how often do we worry that we aren’t good enough, how often do we question whether we deserve the things we are working towards. My question is…WHY?? Why is it so easy for us to see greatness in others but never in ourselves.

Let’s take a moment and assess this so called little voice further, so this little voice is usually referred to us as our inner speech. It tries to provide a sense of security by keeping us within our status quo. Status quo is safe, its secure, it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night in a panic. But at the same time its boring, its mundane and its not all that you are capable of.

If there is one thing I have learned you are not your little voice. It is there to limit you, not to empower you, but only you can limit yourself and only you can truly empower yourself!

So the other question is, how do we mute this voice or let it be nothing more than a blip on our radar. First step is to notice it, do you find yourself procrastinating on a project or something big, if so why…dig deep. Then evaluate, why are you feeling this way, what do you really have to be afraid of. Are the consequences of failing worse than not trying at all? Another method is meditation, it teaches you to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts (safe to say that is still something I have yet to master). I do believe that ability to control your thoughts is a skill and like many skills they require a great deal of practice. Finally, retrain your mindset, recite affirmations, watch motivational videos surround yourself with inspirational content that drowns out any negativity.

If at the end of all this you still find yourself questioning who are you to be Amazing, Powerful and Inspiring why not ask yourself, who are you not be?? This is one of my favourite quotes (slightly altered) by Marianne Williamson, that never ceases to inspire me.

So go be the best you!!

Keep smiling,



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