How it all started

It was a moment like no other, an epiphany. I called into question all that I had believed about myself and those around me, it was a moment of enlightenment. What am I talking about you may ask, I’m talking about the moment I made the decision to go back to school and pursue my career aspirations that felt far away. What caused it was discovering a book recommended by a friend. Now this is a person I had known for a while, and the book in question had come up in conversation many times before, every time I said I would get to reading it, but deep down I knew I never would but something in July 2015 changed. So i decided… hey why not if this person really believes in this book why not see what it has to say. The book I speak of is Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Now I know this book is nothing new, in fact its been a huge favourite of the self-help community for a long time. Its mainly targeted for people in management roles, but I found a lot of the concepts applicable to everyday life, in fact the author himself provides examples of his own life throughout. The book’s main goal is disclose 7 habits that allow us to be more effective in all aspects of our life, helping us to attain our dreams and live a more fulfilled life. Sounds simple enough, but I think in order for this to work a person needs to be in a position where they want to make a change, they need to approach the ideas in this book with an open-mind.

I’m not going to list off the habits here because I don’t feel like it would be right to the author since the ideas are not my own but I will share a few of my experiences with the ideas he portrayed. When I first started to read it, it made me angry, It made me question all the limitations I had placed on myself and the mental barriers that I had set up. After anger came understanding, what this guy was saying makes sense. After understanding came incorporation, I began to take these ideas to heart and make them a part of my life. It took me about 3 months to read the entire book, even though the book itself is not super lengths, I felt I needed that much time to adequately come to terms with the aspects of my life I wanted to change.

The thing with the 7 habits is they don’t spell out all of the changes you need to make, to me they come off more as a philosophy to live by more than a road map. The greatest benefit of this philosophy is that it led to great shift in my perspective. I refuse to leave myself in a reactive state, I push to be as proactive as I can.

The & habits were my introduction to the genre of self-help, and since then I have read many books after that I felt gave more distinct strategies and ideas that again I am able to incorporate. However, I don’t think I would have been so open to all of these no ideas had I not had the short in perspective that came from reading this book.

So that’s my story, or part of it I guess. But honestly for anyone feeling lost or unsure I highly recommend this read. It comes as a positive breath of fresh air in a world that sometimes appears to be rather negative.

Best of luck with everything,



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