November Update

Happy December!! I’m still completely shocked that 2016 is almost over, feels like it just started, but with the start of every new month means the end of another. In the beginning of November I set a goal to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media. Safe to say I really struggled with it. I never realized how much my life has become attached to social media, its how I keep up with friends, find inspiration and an outlet for me to share my own ideas. All of these aspects are great, but the reality is it leads to a lot of wasted time that could have been used doing something else. But for me I felt by disconnecting I was missing out, apparently its a thing Fear of Missing Out, better known as FOMO. Can you believe it they have an actual term for it in the urban dictionary. So safe to say I didn’t stick to my 3 checks a day, but I incorporated things to help make social media less of a distraction.

While at school or doing work I adopted the Pomodoro technique. This technique basically forces you to work for 25 minutes straight after which you get a 5 minute break. After 4 cycles of this you get a 25 minute break. This definitely helped me stay focussed and at some points I found myself choosing not to take a break and working through and most importantly not checking my social media.

While at home and more specifically with my husband and son I set my phone off of vibrate and place it far away. If anyone calls or texts I can hear it, but by not having it near me I’m a lot less inclined to become a zombie and stare at my phone for hours.

These techniques have helped but I still feel the need to cut down, I mean who really needs to check Facebook every hour, what am I really missing if I chose not to check. This is still something I need to work on, but heres hoping to improvement.

Now on to the challenge for December. This month the focus is on mindset, it’s very easy at the end of the year to focus on all the things you didn’t do, or believe you should have done. The reality is its too late to alter the past, but by putting yourself in this negative mindset you stand to ruin your present as well. So for this month I want to start everyday on a positive note and write down 3 things I’m grateful for. Hopefully by practicing this, positivity will become a habit.

How this goes, I’ll keep you posted

Till then,



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