New Year, New thoughts?

Happy 2017, with every new year comes the whole new year and new me, but the reality is what does this new me really entail, is it a new commitment, is it instilling a new change or is it taking out something that you believe has no purpose? I don’t have the answer to that but it seems to me that they all have something in common, they all involve a change in our thought process. To let go of old habits and instil new ones requires a new way of thinking. So my goal for 2017 is to be more focussed, focussed on my goals, my family, and myself. But now the question is How?

Over the past couple of days I came across the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. The book questioned one of the closest things to my heart, my to-do list!! The premise behind this is if you are focussed on too many things, are you focussing on what’s important? Instead of a to-do list, you should look at all of your tasks and decide which one is the most important that it would make all of your other tasks easier to use, or even better not even have to do them. In a way its a more thoughtful to-do list, it involves less tasks because you’re focussing on what’s important.

This concept isn’t anything new, it’s been the major premise for a lot of ideas such as the 80/20 rule and how multi-tasking is a terrible idea. So here’s to a more streamlined year!!

Keep smiling,



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