A lesson from my 3 year old

Honestly, to this day, one of the biggest things that surprise me is how much adults can learn from children about life. I know it sounds weird, I mean we have a lot more life experience than them, what could they possibly have to teach us? The reality is quite a bit.

So let me take you back a couple of weekends ago, I decided to take my little guy to his first ever Mygym class (its basically a class where parents help their kids maneuver through gymnastics equipment). Safe to say upon arrival he was not having it. He was used to doing other activities, but all of those activities involved his feet remaining rooted firmly  to the ground. He refused to climb onto the balance beam, never mind tackle the uneven bars. After about 15 minutes of calming and talking to him I figured it was pointless and decided to pack it in, maybe this just isn’t for him, I figured.

To my surprise as I was going to grab our stuff I found the little guy attempting the balance beam, not long after he was jumping on the trampoline and before I knew it he was doing flips (granted with his instructor) on the uneven bars. What brought about this change? I asked the expert himself, and his response was ‘I Try’. For some reason those two words resonated with me a lot. The reality is, how many times do we walk away from things because we fear them, or have never tried them, or are afraid to fail? It’s not a mindset that would get us far. Every professional athlete or success story started with someone doing something that made them uncomfortable and was new in some way, right? So why don’t we apply the same principles to ourselves? Maybe, we do fail, and maybe it doesn’t produce the result we expect, but at the end of it all its better to have tried and failed, than to never have tried at all.

Keep smiling





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