Last week I talked about my hopes for a more streamlined year, I spent a majority of this week trying to focus all the areas of my life. The reality is we all wear many hats, we are students, we are parents, we have jobs, to isolate out only one area and make it your focus may make the other areas fall through the cracks, and I’m sure that is no ones aim. Is it right to have a successful business but no family life, is it okay to only focus on your family while ignoring your dreams? To me it’s more of a happy medium, by committing time to each I find it makes you better overall.

I get it that sounds all fine of dandy, but what does that really mean? how does this translate into actions in our daily life? It’s important to focus on the one thing that’s most important in that area. You’re spending time with your family, don’t spend it checking your phone, when you’re at work or school focus on the tasks that are the most important, by focussing on these tasks it can alleviate other tasks or make other ones easier.

These ideas aren’t easy to implement, I’ve struggled with them myself. Being present in the moment is not an easy task, judging by the fact I have checked my email, responded to text messages and started a new episode of grey’s anatomy while working on this post (just keeping it real haha). But by acknowledging our downfalls we know what we need to work on to make our selves better.

Keep Smiling,



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