Last minute gift ideas!!!!

The prep for the holiday season is in full swing. We list off all those around us and choose what gifts to give to each, now I am a firm believer that it is the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, the simplest of things can be the most beautiful if it is given with love. But over the past few years there have been gifts that stand out to  me and are the ones I love and I am hoping it could inspire you this holiday season.



Let’s be honest we need them, don’t deny it. It may be what I am wearing as I write this post. They are easy to size and something people use daily (every night more likely). I also find them useful because I do travel a lot and its nice to have a fresh pair of pyjamas, in addition they aren’t usually items we think to buy for ourselves. We are usually so focussed on our daily wardrobe that stuff like pyjamas usually fall through the cracks, so to me pyjamas are a not fail gift but this may stem from my biased love towards them ;). Also, because its winter time they can be the perfect cozy gift!!

Mugs or any other daily useful kitchenware!!

Okay lets be honest the next best thing to comfort is food, or they go hand in hand. I actually received a mug last year for christmas from a good friend of mine and I absolutely love it. It is something I used daily this year and have actually bought some for a few friends myself. The great thing with these kind of gifts is they can be personalized… it can contain a quote that sums up your relationship with that person or a picture of a memory. The great thing about this is the person will see this daily and can make use of it and remember you of course 😛


This one is a big one for me!! What is the point in learning and attaining knowledge if you don’t share it with others. We all have those books that open our eyes and make us see things in a different light, so why not share those with those that mean the most to us!!



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